Most frequently asked questions

How to activate CopyCheck in N@tschool and Moodle?
CopyCheck is fully integrated into N@tschool and Moodle. The Moodle plugin can be downloaded via the Moodle website.
Where can I find documantation about CopyCheck plugin for Moodle?
Which file formats can be passed to CopyCheck?
Most common file formats: .doc, docx, .txt, .rtf, .xml, . html, pdf, xls, xlsx.
Can pictures, video or audio be parsed for plagiarism?
No, text only
Can software program be parsed?
Yes, C++, php, Perl, ...
Which languages are supported?
No constrains to any alangua e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and of course european languages.
Does CopyCheck search on the Internet?
CopyCheck searches into both the internal data and on the Internet as well.
When will it be considered as plagiarism?
CopyCheck will not judge about the level of plagiarism, it only refers to sources which are more or less equal. The final judgement is up to the teacher.
What happens if a slighty changed document is uploaded twice?
Documents having the same teacher, course name and students name will not be compared with each other.