• Reliable

    Copies from earlier submitted papers will always be traced down. Most copies of the Internet be detected.

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  • Saves time

    Time consuming research on authentication will be performed automatically withing minutes.

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  • Easy to use

    CopyCheck is integrated into learning environments and can be enabled by just a checkbox.

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CopyCheck Plagiarism scanner

What is CopyCheck

CopyCheck CopyCheck is a program designed to identify instances of plagiarism in submitted documents. Text composed from the Internet or earlier submitted papers will be traced down. Only a few minutes after a document has been uploaded a detailed report including references will be available.

Trial period Three months for free!


CopyCheck is fully integrated in to learning environment Moodle and N@tschool. Documents can be uploaded via the CopyCheck portal as well.

Who can benifit

Authentification control is focused on education e.g. universities, high-schools or secundary education.


An elaborate report will be available quickly. Containing the percentage and sources of similar text found within the data base or on the Internet.

Multiple languages

No restriction to languages. Besides european languages CopyCheck can handle Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Arabic. Even software languages e.g. PERL or C.